Get Married at Community Church

Reasons to Get Married at Community Church

A wise investment

New York City weddings cost a lot in the year 2000. How do people spend money on weddings? Surveys report that the reception for 150  costs  $15-25,000. Flowers - $2,500, Invitations - $500, Dance Band - $2,700 Clothing - $2,000, Limousines - $750, Pictures - $2,500, Miscellaneous - $1,000. That totals $26-40,000! Community Church costs will be less than 5% of the total for a wedding ceremony that matches the rest of the day. The Community Church Chapel works to make a quality spiritual experience and a service that is elegant and carefully done. The full wedding at Community Church is an investment – and the full organ, with controlled lighting and sound will match the quality of the best hotel reception afterwards.

 Wise Counsel

A professional wedding chapel offers a wise pastor. Have you been to weddings where the pastor didn’t remember the names or the rehearsal was too poorly done to prevent mistakes that marred the ceremony? Once you have made the reservation, our pastor will ask for your choices in an interview just after you make the reservation and send you a copy of the service. The wedding will be superior because there are no surprises. The rehearsal is strong because the decisions that usually are made just as you practice are now decided well in advance. This also gives you the opportunity to visualize the ceremony as you invite attendants and give them directions.

Secrets for Better Rehearsals

The script includes suggestions on the role of the Maid of honor with flowers and train, the role of the best man with the rings and wedding certificates. Did you know that flower girls can accent the wedding in the way that they distribute the petals? These are just some of the secrets that Community Church chapel offers that make weddings distinctive – and extremely enjoyable!

Culturally Sensitive

The script also includes special cultural customs if desired. Our pastors are no strangers to Chinese and Indian wedding customs, the drums and brooms in African American weddings, and the veil, coin, and cord in Filipino weddings.

Affordable for Everyone

Perhaps you have read all of this and your finances just don’t permit a full church wedding. The Value Wedding may be a helpful answer. It has a maximum of 10 participants, no music, and is only available 9am – 5pm on weekdays (with some restrictions). It is a dignified ceremony and you also receive the experience and wisdom of the pastor.

Air Conditioned for Summer Weddings

To ensure that the wedding you get is the wedding you want. Community Church is one of the best in New York. You don’t marry very often. The Biblical goal is only once. Why not make sure it will be a wedding good enough for the marriage that follows.




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